The Making of RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN Trailer!

And now for something that should speak for itself… the animated and fully scored trailer for Return of the Dapper Men. We’ve been working on this for a while.  More on that after the jump.  Enjoy!

The genesis of the trailer after the jump.

First off, I have to say, Jeremy Brody did an AWESOME job with that trailer!  Wow! Please, feel free to share the link! And go to YouTube to watch it in full-screen mode. Amazing!

So, I’ve always loved trailers of all kinds- movies, TV shows, and comics.  I was excited when Marvel started doing trailers while I was there (I even wrote a number of them) and I still think that they bring a level of fun & excitement to the projects.  So, when it came time to think about promotions for Dapper Men, I knew I wanted to do a trailer.  Enter: Jeremy.

Jeremy Brody is a great friend who happens to be crazy-talented at a lot of things.  He’s a photographer, web designer, graphic artist, cook…the list goes on.  I hate him for his sheer talent.  He did a lot of the production work on Return of the Dapper Men so he was very familiar with Janet’s art on the book. Knowing I wanted a trailer, he called me up to meet at a cafe and we went through the existing art to come up with a storyline.  We settled on telling Act I in the trailer. And off to work he went.

Given Janet’s decoupage art style, Jeremy was able to separate the layers and give an even greater 3-dimensional feel to the art and story, enabling him to push in or pull the camera out, rotate it, and bring things into and out of focus.  He also designed the beautiful end credits- the effect was also used at the opening when we realized we needed to set the story up for this who may not be familiar with it.  It gave an amazing “Once upon a time” fairy tale feel, and then juxtaposed that with the Big Bang of the creation of the Dapper Men universe, filled with gears and mechanics.

When it came time to score the trailer, I listened to probably 200 different pieces of music on various music blogs, websites, and message boards filled with talented composers and musicians sharing their works with people to use.  I let out an audible sigh when I heard “Ancient Discoveries” by Jonathan Gjertsen on  It was the perfect piece for this.  It has a magical and ethereal quality combined with just enough industrial and eerie elements to it that really capture the overall tone of Return of the Dapper Men.  Jonathan was kind enough to let us use the track for the trailer.  You can hear the full version here.

We went through a few rounds of revisions and tinkering to get the trailer just right, from the way the falling shadows look, to the epic looking scene of the rows of Dapper Men at the end.  I honestly can’t pick my favorite scene because I love them all so much, but I think the moment when the 314 Dapper Men rain down is wonderful to see come to life.  The music and the motion along with our main Dapper slowly falling as the others go out of focus, tipping his hat, really gets across that moment in the book.

As I mentioned, this is just the First Act of Return of the Dapper Men, so imagine what the rest holds in store for you!  We’re only about a week away from New York Comic Con, where there will be Advance New York Comic Con Exclusive Editions available at the Archaia booth (#2031), and just a month away from Dapper Men hitting books stores and comic shops everywhere.  Be sure to preorder your copy from either your favorite online retailers, book store or your local comic store.  It’s something I am proud of and excited for people to read.  I hope you enjoyed the trailer and the sneak peek behind the making of this trailer!

Stay Dapper!

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