So, as was announced today, I’m bringing the original Alpha Flight back in the upcoming CHAOS WAR event.  It will be a one-shot called CHAOS WAR: ALPHA FLIGHT, and features all the people on the cover above.  How did this happen?  Where’s Puck? All this and more…

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So, I’ve covered a lot of the info on, CBR, and Newsarama (oh, and iFanboy has their unique take on it, too. Maybe I’ll steal Josh’s idea.  Nah) but there are some questions out there still. Click those links, read the stories, and then see if your questions are below!

– Why just a one-shot?  Well, you’ll need to read it to find out!  Yes, I could have written more, but the story is honestly something best done in one.  I’ll always try to set aside my own desire to write more if it doesn’t fit the project.  That said, YES I would do more Alpha Flight if allowed.  So buy this book & spread the word if you like it!

That means YOU!

That means YOU!

– Where’s Puck? You may want to check this out.  Sounds like he might be busy.  If it’s him.  (Also, it’s explained in the story)

– What about the Alphans in Space?  Repeat that question 5 times and you’ll reach the appropriate answer.  Seriously, though, you’ll want to read it to see where exactly Shaman, Vindicator, and Guardian have been and how Marrina has joined them.

– What is Chaos War? Here’s a handy dandy video announcing it, and there are a LOT of interviews all around about the upcoming event that pits Hercules’ God Squad vs. the Chaos King.

I imagine there are more questions out there, but for now, enjoy the moment.  THE FLIGHT IS BACK!!

Not THIS (cute!) Alpha Flight

Not THIS (cute!) Alpha Flight

THIS Aplha Flight (if I could, I'd PhotoShop Heather's head for Puck)

THIS Aplha Flight (if I could, I'd PhotoShop Heather's head for Puck)

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10 Responses to “ALPHA FLIGHT is back!”

  1. Doug says:

    Hooray, Alpha Flight is back! Here’s hoping A LOT more Alpha Flight comes our way, Mr. McCann!

  2. Ahab says:

    I am really looking forward to this. Thanks for caring enough to get this greenlighted!

  3. BT says:

    Thank you Mr. McCann for bringing back Alpha Flight. Good luck with the one-shot and I’ll see you in the ongoing.

  4. rplass says:

    Oh, this is AWESOME news! Bringing back the original team (!) and it sounds like a plausible explanation is on the way (not just Oh, they were Skrulls…derp) LOVE YOU!

  5. Suzene says:

    Congratulations, sir, you’ve just sold this Northstar fan a comic.

  6. Damian says:

    Hi there! Is it OK if I go a bit off topic? I am trying to view your domain on my Macbook but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Thank you for the help I hope! Damian

  7. Mochi says:

    I’m so stoked about this one-shot which I hope becomes its own ongoing series. I love Alpha Flight and have missed them from the Marvel U! In your hands, I feel like this may actually happen and I’m all for it! Can’t wait to read the issue.

    Lovin’ the Snoopy inspired Alphans!!! SO COOL!

  8. Dana says:

    Hi Jim,

    I am so excited to see somebody who actually likes the original Alpha Flight, bringing them back.

    I’m ecstatic to see you included Heather in the return…I always felt she was an important part of the original team (after all, it was she who brought them back together at the beginning of Volume One to battle Tundra and later became leader when Mac died). She has always been such a strong, interesting female character and a great team leader (even when she wasn’t in costume). I was pretty bummed that she was killed off in New Avengers…She was always one of my favorite Alpha characters.

    It’s good to see Shaman back too…He’s a many faceted character…A brilliant surgeon/MD, a powerful mystic and troubled father. It would be nice to see a reunion between he and his daughter, Elizabeth.

    Speaking of Talisman, I don’t see her there anywhere. I always thought she was a great addition to the original (John Byrne) team. I don’t know how you feel about her, but you must have your reasons for her not being there.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Mac coming back, though. He’s been dead, alive, dead and alive again sooooo many times it makes my head spin (as you may know…His multitude of resurrections have become one the biggest problems with Alpha Flight being taken seriously). I am hoping you can get the chance to flesh him out a bit, though…He’s always been a bit flat and most writers in the past who brought him back, didn’t seem to know what to do with him (so he usually ended up dead again).

    I know there must be reasons for Puck not returning, but I’ve always enjoyed the character….However…After John Byrne left the book, I feel Puck’s origin was horribly mishandled and he became a bit of a continuity nightmare. Maybe it’s for the better that he remain “at rest”.

    I apologize for being so long-winded, but I’m just elated with the news of the original team’s return.

    Thank you so much for working so hard to bring THE Alpha Flight back.

    Very Best.


  9. DaVeO says:

    As a long suffering Canadian Alpha Flight fan. From the bottom of my heart. Thank-you.

    P.S. Will we get a Talisman appearance?


  10. BT says:

    Hey Jim,

    Will other deceased Alphans be revealed to have returned in the one-shot, or do you have plans to tell what their fates are in the (it will come, it will come) ongoing? I’m talking about folks like Gary Cody, Roger Bochs and Diamond Lil.
    Also, any plans for Earthmover? As protege to Shaman I would assume he’d have a hand in this somewhere.

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