Interview & Sneak Peek at HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #4



Issue 3 of HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD just hit the stands and you wonderful readers seem to be loving it so much that I’m thinking you deserve a special treat.  How about some hints at what’s to come and some of David Lopez’s AMAZING art for HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD issue 4?  Okay!  Just head over to for an interview and a preview of what’s in store, including one of my favorite pages ever of Clint & Bobbi!

A glimpse at what’s in store after the jump.

Thank you for your overwhelming support of HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD!  Tell your friends about it, get them to download the first issue on the iPhone/iPad app or find it in their LCS and pick up the other issues before they’re all gone (Issues 1 & 2 sold out, but second printings are available or on their way!)

And here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find on!

Hawkeye & Mockingbird in action- HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #4

Hawkeye & Mockingbird in action- HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #4

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3 Responses to “Interview & Sneak Peek at HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #4”

  1. Jamie says:

    Clint: These dinosaur bones are suspicious! Let’s punch them!

    Totally out of context, I know. I looked at the previews, and it looks great so far! Totally looking forward to it!

  2. Rogerio says:

    Thanks Mr. McCann.
    Cannot wait for Widow Maker…

  3. Mochi says:

    Hawkeye, Mockingbird and dinosaurs?! Oh my! Issue 4 will be a treat. I really enjoyed the first three issues of the Ghosts arc. It seems every issue only gets better. THANK YOU!

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