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HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #3, on sale 8/4

HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #3, on sale 8/4

HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD #3 is on sale as of 8/4!  Lots of questions answered, and even more mysteries begin.  This is literally the most explosive issue yet on every level.  But there’s a lot more happening in the world of HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD than just issue 3.  Find out after the jump!


– First of all, THANK YOU to all the fans because issue 2 has SOLD OUT!!!!  There will be a second printing coming very soon.  Keep an eye out here for the cover and on-sale date!

– Did you or your friends miss the first issue?  You can now get it on the Marvel App!  It includes the backup saga that catches you up on the entire history of Hawkeye & Mockingbird!  Download it & then go buy the issues at your local comic book store!  We’ll wait for you… While we’re waiting, also download or listen to the podcast that ComiXology & I recorded about HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD as well as the book being on the iPad/iPhone app.

– Okay, so, you read issue one?  Check.  Got issue two?  Hopefully so (if not, see above re: 2nd printing).  Want the inside scoop on issue two?  I sat down with COMICRELATED.com to do a full commentary on issue two, hints on Widow Maker, and much more!

– Aaaaand, I promised you art.  Here’s an image from issue 3.  Enjoy!

Come to your LCS and buy issue 3!

Come to your LCS and buy issue 3!

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